Exact Equations

Author: John J Weber III, PhD Corresponding Textbook Sections:

Expected Educational Results

Exact Equations

Investigation 04

Determine if the following DEs are exact equations:

  1. dydx=y

  2. dydx=3y2+10xy226xy10x2y

Investigation 05

Determine if the following DEs are exact equations. Solve, if possible:

  1. 1xdyyx2dx=0

  2. (2xy+6x)dx+(x2+4y3)dy=0

  3. (3x2+ycos(x))dx+(sin(x)4y3)dy=0

  4. dydx=2x33x2y+y36x2y2x33xy2

  5. dydx=3x(2xy)x3+2y

Investigation 06

Solve the following IVPs, if possible:

  1. dydx=yexyxexy+sin(y), y(1)=π

  2. (cos(y)+ycos(x))dx+(sin(x)xsin(y))dy=0, y(0)=1


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