Differential Operators and the Elimination Method for Systems

Differential Operators and the Elimination Method for SystemsExpected Educational ResultsDifferential OperatorsProperties of Linear Differential OperatorsInvestigation 10Investigation 11AnnihilatorsDefinition: Annihilator, Forms of AnnihilatorsCC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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Expected Educational Results

Differential Operators

Properties of Linear Differential Operators

Let , , , be polynomial differential operators; and be sufficiently differentiable functions of ; and constants.

Investigation 10

Prove any property of linear differential operators.

Investigation 11

  1. Show is equivalent to .
  2. Show is equivalent to .
  3. Show is not equivalent to .


Definition: Annihilator,

A linear differential operator, is said to annihilate a function if for all .

Forms of Annihilators

Note: You do not to memorize all of the above . How can you succinctly remember the forms for each ?


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